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Activated Charcoal

It’s like the buzz phrase that just won’t go away. I first heard of the benefits of activated charcoal when Ava was a baby and battling with chronic colic! Ja, fun times!

But for those of you that don’t know, activated charcoal has a whole host of health benefits, including:

  • Whitens Teeth. Have your teeth become stained from coffee, tea, wine or berries? …
  • Alleviates Gas & Bloating. …
  • Treats Alcohol Poisoning & Helps Prevent Hangovers. …
  • Mold Cleansing. …
  • Water Filtration. …
  • Emergency Toxin Removal. …
  • Skin and Body Health. …
  • Digestive Cleanse.

So when KURO-Bō, which is a handcrafted, sustainable and organic ancient Japanese process of cartridge free filtering that mineralises and purifies your water, contacted me with a review opportunity, that included a unique hand blown carafe that uses 100% recycled glass & is custom made and produced by a family-owned business in Swaziland, I jumped at the chance!

As a banter, my drink choices are fairly limited. I don’t drink fizzy drinks, nor commercial fruit juices or mixers. In fact, I mostly drink water so we go through a lot of filtration cartridges and devices in our house and it gets pricey! Not to mention the bulk of the filters and cartridges are not biodegradable or easily recycled.

KURO-Bō is ridiculously easy to use!

All you need do is boil your stick of charcoal for 10 minutes and then add to your water and voila, left over night in the fridge, you have perfectly purified and mineralised water!

Then you just pop it in the water dispenser of your choice and off you go! You have perfectly good, purified water with none of the nasties! What’s more, you’ll notice that the water has, what I can only describe as a much softer taste, somehow, it tastes more pure, if that makes any sense, I’m not really sure how to describe how the charcoal purification changes the taste, but it does, it’s softer and smoother.

KURO-Bō had extensive testing done to prove the value of this purification method, wich has it’s roots going back centuries to the Japanese region of Wakayama. The process itself is fascinating, that something so simple could be so powerful:

KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal is created by carefully harvesting high-quality hardwood, which is then baked by highly trained craftsmen in a special kiln – initially at low, and then later at extremely high temperatures of over 1000ºC. This process causes the wood to carbonise and activate, while also enlarging its pore structure to enable maximum toxin adsorption. After 7 – 14 days, the carbonised wood is removed from its kiln and covered with a mixture of earth, sand and ash, giving it a temporary whitish hue – as well as its other name of “white charcoal”. Once cooled, the activated charcoal is then carefully hand-cut in order to be used as a natural water filter, as well as in many other innovative ways.

The science behind KURO-Bō:

In creating KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal, it is the carbonisation process – and enlargement of the hardwood’s millions of internal pores – that actually enables the KURO-Bō stick to do what it does, namely: attract positively-charged toxins and metals (like chlorine, lead and mercury) and attach those toxins to itself on a microscopic level, removing them from the water.

The charcoal is eco-friendly!

Check out these ideas for when your KURO-Bō has come to the end of it’s life span:

  • Dehumidify your bathroom
  • Use it as a beautiful and organic air purifier
  • Keep it in your fridge or cupboards to keep them odour free
  • Break the stick up and put into your pet litter tray to remove odours
  • Add it to your aquarium to neutralise the pH of the water
  • Put it in your vegetable drawer to keep your veggies fresher for longer, or put into the fruit bowl to keep fruit from ripening too soon
  • Keep flowers fresher for longer
  • Break up your stick and bury it in your garden to balance the pH and remineralise your soil
  • Burn it on your braai
  • Use it in your bath for some well-deserved pampering (the charcoal mineralise, removes impurities from the water, and stimulates blood flow)
  • Deflect/absorb electromagnetic and radio waves from computers, mobile phones and even microwaves in your home or at work
  • Use it as an unique and original décor piece

But best of all…

The KURO-Bō last for THREE MONTHS! So at R235 a pop, it’s a massive saving in comparison to other filtration options!
To buy your KURO-Bō go here:

Wellness Warehouse

Faithful to Nature


Or visit their website for a list of stockists of this amazing product.

About KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal

Centuries ago, artisans in the Japanese region of Wakayama, perfected the art of creating Binchōtan – a unique activated charcoal. Involving a meticulous production process, Binchotan is still highly prized today across the US, Europe and Asia as a highly effective air and water purifier, as well as a clean burning, high temperature fuel for cooking and an organic soil enricher.

Faithful to the ancient Japanese process, KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal is derived from sustainably-sourced, high quality hardwood which is baked in a special kiln, and then hand-cut. Unlike other water purification systems, KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal does not aggressively strip the water, removing both the good with the bad. Tests have shown that the charcoal significantly reduces levels of lead, copper, mercury, iron, aluminium, manganese and all traces of chlorine from tap water. At the same time, it uniquely and naturally enriches the water with beneficial minerals, that other leading filtration systems remove entirely.