I love KURO-Bo and everything it encompasses – Unpacked

When I was living in South Korea my kitchen sink tap had a water purifying system attached under the cupboard and so I never worried about drinking the tap water over there.

Many of us SAFFAs still drink straight from the taps. But rumours and statistics are scaring more people away from the tap – the crap that’s in there and, not to mention particles of plastic now – yep! I do and have drunk from our taps, until the 18th of August when I decided to support KURO-Bō – 100% natural water filter.

Oh Instagram – the place to really follow and connect with people and sellers of products that are in line with your lifestyle and thinking. I found their page amongst the zero wasters I follow.

It took me a couple of months to get off my butt and go purchase one from one of their re-sellers in Joburg. I had to trek to Bryanston – there is something about Bryanston being a hub of farmers markets and organic markets and health markets… I know that Benoni is also known for a hub of health markets and places, but anyway, I know the “north” and when I was in the area for a homeschool outing I wanted to knock this task off my list.
Jackson’s Food Market didn’t have stock and let’s discuss how I feel about that market at a later stage…

I headed off to Hobart Centre and FORTUNATELY I found the last stick at Fruits and Roots – there is nothing more disappointing than being in a place and not finding what you’re looking for especially when it’s far and out the way.

I connected with KURO-Bō and what lovely people! They’re so supportive of my new journey and they are happy to collaborate with me – even without having met me or seeing my website yet! – as soon as my on-line bulk boutique gets up and running – theirs will be one of the first products I sell – watch this space!

Okay, so the charcoal stick comes in a Natureflex sleeve – not to be confused with plastic – as I was – it’s made from wood pulp and 100% compostable! Let’s all say “woop”!

This is what Camilla from KURO-Bō had to say, “It is called Natureflex and is sourced from a company called Vegware. The sleeves are 1. Certified compostable 2. Sustainably sourced 3. Widely accepted for food waste recycling 4. Manufactured using renewable resources. We have had to change supplier last month as Vegware are no longer in SA, and our new sticks are in corn starch sleeves from Green Home. They are also compostable.”

It’s great to have honest and open communication with providers and I felt blessed to get info from her.

I have been using my stick now for 2 and a half months.

I love it and everything it encompasses in being zero waste. Since getting it, us 3 have really been drinking more water and it goes to Meaow Meaow and the plants. I’ve had to reactivate it a few times because we are drinking a lot – and I think its capable of 3 litres a day… that being said I feel I am going to be needing more than one stick to compensate for the amount of water we would like.

So #refuse the #plasticbottle! I believe that we have not bought bottled water since buying our stick! and at restaurants I ask for a jug of water.

Our KURO-Bō stick has been a little magic wonder of water filtration and I’m thoroughly enjoying using it around our home.