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Activated charcoal IS the NEW green. You’ll find out what it is and why it is exceptional, but first we need to set the scene.

Our World

We live in an extraordinary world; one that has provided for mankind since we came into existence – and it still does.

Our Needs

Today, our needs and desires continue to grow in quantity and the urgency to meet them is no longer natural, in fact, it’s practically irrational and definitely not sustainable. We consume and discard at such a rapid speed, without thought, without yet feeling the holistic consequences of our actions.

Reality Check

We are really running out of natural resources. Not only must we look for, and begin to rely on, alternative resources, we must understand why and believe in the importance of changing our lifestyles.

The Thing We Need Most

Water. Electronic devices may have come to mind as millions cannot ‘breathe’ without theirs, but let’s be serious.

Quick Facts

  • The ocean roughly covers 70% of the earth’s surface.
  • 95% or more of the water on the planet sits in the ocean.
  • Roughly only 2% of the water on earth is considered freshwater.
  • Polar ice caps, glaciers and underground water is part of the 2% freshwater.

Considering the percentages, there’s not nearly enough drinking- cooking water left to go around forever (to put it mildly).

One of The Things We Abuse the Most

Plastic. In its many forms with its many uses, it’s been tremendously convenient for such a long time that most people probably cannot imagine their lives without plastic. Think about it.

Really think about it.

The problem is, plastic doesn’t just disappear. It’s resilient, even if it only has one purpose. Once ‘consumed’ it can exist for years because it’s never really truly consumed, is it? It’s on and around almost everything else we so ravenously consume and use, before heading to its ‘promise land’ – more often a landfill, or the ocean– often within less than a year.

Water & Plastic Pollution Facts and Stats

  • The greatest threat to our marine environment is plastic
  • Every second, 1 500 plastic bottles are thrown into the ocean or landfills
  • Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times
  • 3 litres of water is used to package only 1 plastic bottle of water
  • 90% of what you pay for bottled water goes toward plastic production
  • 50% of plastic is only used once before being thrown away
  • Most bottled water brands sell purified tap water not spring water
  • Some plastic can take 700+ years to break down in water or soil

Plastic doesn’t decompose. It’s not biodegradable. It just eventually turns toxic.

From Plastic Pollution to Positivity

Now that the issues have been highlighted, it’s time to talk about solutions. We don’t have to turn our lives upside down; we just have to adjust our perspective and put in a respectable effort. When in doubt, remember and apply the 5Rs of Environmental Responsibility:

  • Refuse disposable plastic whenever and wherever possible.
  • Reduce your plastic footprint. Consciously choose products with less plastic packaging and parts, or those with compostable or biodegradable packaging.
  • Reuse durable, non-toxic straws, utensils, to-go containers, bottles, bags and other everyday items. Choose glass, paper, stainless steel, wood, ceramic and bamboo over plastic.
  • Repurpose plastic for another, more practical use.
  • Recycle what we can’t refuse, reduce, reuse or repurpose.

Why not kickstart your green initiatives today?

INTRODUCING KURO-Bō: The New Green that Makes Your Water Clean

KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal is the first and only 100% plastic-free, all natural, reusable and recyclable water filter available in South Africa.

The Goal: Minimal Environment Impact and Lasting, Positive Impact in South Africa

From production to its recycled/recyclable and compostable packaging, KURO-Bō produces minimal carbon dioxide.

The Benefits of KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal:

  • Economical and easy to use
  • Requires no wasteful and expensive plastic bottles
  • There are no bulky systems, jugs or monthly cartridges to buy
  • Reusable daily for up to three months
  • Neutralises an acidic pH and improves the taste
  • Enriches water with beneficial minerals e.g. magnesium and calcium
  • Removes tap water toxins incl. chlorine, lead, aluminium, copper, iron & mercury
  • More eco-friendly and economical than plastics-based water filtering systems
  • Recyclable in a number of eco-friendly and versatile ways, incl. as a deodoriser, dehumidifier or biochar.

In line with our Minimal Environmental Impact philosophy, KURO-Bō has also commissioned beautiful, 100% recycled, hand-blown glass carafes from a family-run factory in Swaziland:

  • Each unique carafe is made from 100% recycled glass, mainly soft drink bottles and jars, gathered by local communities from all over Swaziland
  • Yesterday’s newspapers are used to shape and pack the carafes
  • The factory’s furnaces are fuelled only by disused engine oil
  • KURO-Bō carafes are easy and eco-friendly to clean simply using vinegar and salt

As an individual, business or organisation, we hope that you choose to refuse single-use plastic products and support plastic-free initiatives. As consumers, we all have the power to make conscious purchasing decisions and your individual action to refuse single-use plastic makes a difference.

To find out more about KURO-Bō and to place your order, please click here to visit our online shop.

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