KURO-Bo Activated Charcoal? Eau Yes! – iwantthat

Hi lovelies! A quick pop in from me – we’re still internet-less in our new home so i’m at a coffee shop logging in to the blog and my mails. Thanks to Mandy for holding the fort for the past few weeks – Mands, you’re a legend! We’re well and truly into our new home – we’re still living out of suitcases and there are people all over the show working on things but we’re getting there and every day there is an improvement. This afternoon i’m taking Charley and her cousin for a picnic on the greenbelt and i know i’m going to be reminded of exactly why we moved here.

In the meantime I wanted to tell about Kuro Bo activated charcoal sticks – i wanted to tell you last month since it Water Wise Watch month but the tech gremlins wouldn’t let me onto my blog! I was sent the sticks in February and i have loved trialling them! Since i have Crohns disease, making sure my water sources are safe is very important – i picked up a horrible parasite in the Seychelles when we were there two years ago and it took months to get rid of it, there are also lots of rumours going around that are water is currently contaminated because of low water levels and although i don’t believe it. i was thrilled to be offered a way to filter out any potential lurgies. Activated charcoal is a known sponge for toxins – and its the main component of many water filtration systems.

Also, i’ve made a conscious commitment to stop buying water in plastic while on the run but that means i need to have my own bottles of filtered water ready in the fridge when we go out. My final reason for loving Kuro Bo activated charcoal sticks is because the water in Stanford, where we go often, has a horrible affect on my tummy. I don’t think it’s contaminated, i just think my tummy can’t handle the different enzymes or whatever is in the water. So a few weekends ago, i packed a stick, boiled it for 10 minutes, as per the instructions, and popped it into a jug of tap water when we got there – and yip – no tummy issues AT ALL!! usually i buy a 5 litre water when we get there and that’s now a thing of the past – thanks Kuro Bo!

A stick lasts up to 3 months! Aside from removing toxins, it also mineralises water with magnesium and calcium and neutralises the PH levels. It costs R240 and you can buy them here.

So…next time you go away, go to exotic climes or if you’ve also decided that bottled water begone, i would definitely recommend these clever sticks!

About KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal

Centuries ago, artisans in the Japanese region of Wakayama, perfected the art of creating Binchōtan – a unique activated charcoal. Involving a meticulous production process, Binchotan is still highly prized today across the US, Europe and Asia as a highly effective air and water purifier, as well as a clean burning, high temperature fuel for cooking and an organic soil enricher.

Faithful to the ancient Japanese process, KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal is derived from sustainably-sourced, high quality hardwood which is baked in a special kiln, and then hand-cut. Unlike other water purification systems, KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal does not aggressively strip the water, removing both the good with the bad. Tests have shown that the charcoal significantly reduces levels of lead, copper, mercury, iron, aluminium, manganese and all traces of chlorine from tap water. At the same time, it uniquely and naturally enriches the water with beneficial minerals, that other leading filtration systems remove entirely.