Enjoy your Summah with KURO-Bo. Naturally.

When it comes to sheer functional beauty, we confess our heads were turned when we met Summah. Just like KURO-Bō, Summah is simple, natural and a MUST HAVE in your life!

Summah Turkish Beach Towels are inspired by the breezy and relaxed Turkish coastline lifestyle (kinda just like our laid-back South African summer outdoors living) and what we love most about them is their simplicity matched with their stunning multi-functionality.

Made from 100% traditionally loomed Turkish cotton, these towels are natural and lightweight, softening with every use. A beach towel, wrap, scarf, table cloth, bath towel, home décor throw, picnic blanket, travel companion all in one, a Summah Pestamal (as it’s called in Turkish) is quick-drying and practical, yet pleases the senses with its beautiful simplicity.

And that got us thinking.

KURO-Bō is also based on the concept of natural simplicity that lends itself to easy contemporary living. The use of Binchotan charcoal to purify water has its roots in ancient Japan. It’s sustainable, practical, and best of all, 100% natural and plastic-free.

Put the two together and you’ve got the perfect AWESOME combination for enjoying easy summer living!

Grab your Limited Edition Gō-Ecō Water Bottle & KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Kōins for the freshest tasting spring water and, along with your luxury Summah towel and hand-woven string beach bag, you’re ready for that beachy, outdoor living that summer brings.

YOU WANT IT? It could be yours!

For two weeks in November, we’re giving away a fabulous Summah Beach Towel, a stunning and versatile hand-woven string bag, along with the next generation KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō Glass Water Bottle and a box of KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Kōins to TWO LUCKY WINNERS (a combined value of R1,150 each!).

All you have to do is go here, sign up with your email address by Thursday 22nd November and you’re in!

We’ll announce the lucky winner on Friday 23rd November on social media.