Sustainable self-love with KURO-Bō 🖤

Happy First Day of a new Spring Season! I might be jumping the gun on this since I anticipate a few more cold days to visit us but, I am feeling hopeful. So today I want to talk about self-care. Many of us are feeling the lingering effects of the pandemic, and the lockdowns and restrictions are taking their emotional toll. We as women wear so many different hats that we sometimes forget to prioritise our own health and happiness. This might sound selfish, but really, we can only be our best selves for the people around us, if we have taken the time to care for our own needs first. My husband and I needed to slip away for a weekend (without kids) at 7 Koppies in Franschhoek. Best idea in a long time.

Remember, a commitment to self-love doesn’t make you selfish, it just means that you won’t settle for less than you deserve, because you understand and respect your own needs. We are often much kinder to our loved ones than we are to ourselves, and I would like to see that change.

In practice all this may seem a bit abstract, especially if you’re not in the habit of practicing self-care. However, working self-care into your daily routine with small, achievable steps will increase your self-kindness, self-love and common humanity.

Spring also brings hope of a new season – KURO-Bō was so inspired by the new season we decided to redesign our website. We have listened to your feedback and (hopefully you’ll agree!) it should be easier now to shop, to find out information and to sign up for our very handy e-reminder service. Go check it out and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

I had coffee with a girlfriend of mine the other day and we started discussing what healthy living really means to us. It must have been the scent of Spring in the air that had us thinking about fresh starts and healthy resolutions. So in the spirit of this, I thought I’d share ten sustainable healthy living tips that work for me and my family. Maybe they can give you a fresh start as well.


Not referring to “dieting” when I talk about diet, rather about making good choices and eating fresh foods. Your diet is such an important part of overall health. This doesn’t have to be a chore – I spend less time on meal prep, and more on planning ahead for the week and buying healthy basics. I try to serve organic, fresh proteins paired with a huge salad filled with everything…and I mean HUGE!


I’ve always been active and although admittedly there are many days where I am overwhelmed with things to do or just plain lazy, but after joining a running club, I look forward to Thursdays. All it takes – get moving and do something good for yourself.


Look into yoga or time away from distractions, to calm the mind and gain (or keep) flexibility. My latest escape has become Audible. I’m currently listening to The Untethered Soul and am loving every second. Seriously, just 10 minutes will do wonders…


Get out into nature for a short time every day and breathe some fresh air. It’s free for the taking and perhaps a little bit of work in the garden or your morning coffee on the patio will do the trick.


I cannot live without snacking during the day! Since I work at home it’s easy to go over to the dark side, and if there’s fast food in the house I will eat it….But as I’ve said before – shop healthy and you’ll eat healthy.

My good girl snacks are usually nuts and biltong, and if I have time mid-morning I’ll make a smoothie. I keep bananas in the freezer at all times and use half a banana, combined with vanilla almond milk and some berries.


As you know, water is the holy grail for living a healthy lifestyle, and I keep my KURO-Bō 1L bottle and koins around me at all times – it keeps me on track. We also have our new 8L water filter dispenser set up in the kitchen so where ever I go in the house, I am reminded to hydrate!


I am one of those girls that needs a good eight hours, and I try to get it every night. A comfy bed after a busy day of work and chasing two small children around, and I’m ready for sleep.


Dental health plays a big part in overall wellness and if you don’t keep those pearls white it can have an adverse effect on your heart! Brush twice a day, floss regularly and remember to book a good clean with your dental hygienist once a year.


Take some time for your social circle and do something fun! We also feel that being around our young children keeps us feeling young and engaged. It’s good for you to be silly and laugh – literally.

10. PETS

Although this is listed at number 10, to us it’s close to the top! In our home we have a dog and a cat and they add so much joy to our lives! It’s important to keep them healthy and happy too, so the dog gets frequent walks and outside time and the best food that we can buy for their health.

September also marks the month of Heritage Day for South Africans. The 24th of September reminds us to take the time to reflect on our deep-rooted history; explore this country’s beauty by stepping out of our comfort zone and learning about a new culture, place or language. It is a significant occasion where we get to embrace our local cultures, traditions and customs, proudly celebrating who we are and where we’re from. To put it differently, embrace the spirit of Ubuntu (Unity).

Once again, a big thanks to the women, the mothers, the entrepreneurs, the wives – I appreciate your support for letting me live my dream – I hope that you allow yourself the same.